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The Edinburgh Pubs Guide was created to fulfill a need, for a comprehensive pub guide that covers the Edinburgh pubs, and Edinburgh clubs scene. As the operators of Edinburgh largest and most visited tourist directory, Edinburgh Castle Biz, we are constantly being asked as to where to find the best Edinburgh pubs, Edinburgh bars, Edinburgh nightclubs, and Edinburgh clubs...
Edinburgh Pubs Guide features all types of Edinburgh pubs, from the trendy Edinburgh pubs, to the traditional Edinburgh pubs, the themed Edinburgh pubs... even the Australian Edinburgh pubs, and let's not forget the Irish Edinburgh pubs... you name it - if it is an Edinburgh pub, or an Edinburgh club or Edinburgh night club... we have it here!

Edinburgh has an amazing pubs scene with more diversity than you would find in cities four times our size! No matter what your age, or interests, there will be Edinburgh pub or Edinburgh club to suit your tastes. Edinburgh, and Scotland, is justifiably proud of our long beer brewing heritage, and if you are a lover of real ales, you will find plenty of bars who cater for the real ale/beer drinking aficionado. Over the last decade, Edinburgh pub operators have catered for the increasingly discerning taste of their customers. As more and more people are travelling extensively to the four corners of the globe, their drinking habits are changing, as they are exposed to many exotic drinks and beverages on their travels.

Years ago, the average Edinburgh pub customer was easily satisfied, if they could get a pie and a pint! Today the range of food that is offered in Edinburgh's licensed premises is as extensive as their stock of beers, real ales, wines, spirits and alcopops that are on offer through out the City of Edinburgh. Edinburgh has some of the most liberal licensing laws in the whole of the United Kingdom, with most of the Edinburgh bars opening until midnight, or in many cases 1pm. Generally, Edinburgh night clubs open until 3am, and there is the occasional Edinburgh club which stays open until 5am!

If you are a student in Edinburgh, you will find that Edinburgh is a wonderland, as the typical student age group is heavily courted by the operators of Edinburgh bars in the city. There are innumerable Edinburgh bars, with special drink promotions, aimed at this age group.

If you have an Edinburgh pub, an Edinburgh bar, an Edinburgh nightclub, or an Edinburgh club, an Edinburgh gay bar or Edinburgh gay club and would like to appear on the Edinburgh Pubs Guide, please contact us on 0131 478 0007.


Caledonian Beer Festival 2004, Edinburgh The Caledonian Beer Festiva was held in June 2004, Edinburgh  

Kickstart Your Summer With The Caledonian Beer Festival, 2004-Archive from 2004

Caledonian Beer Festival 2004 - kick off is on Fri. 4th and 5th June, with the sporting theme of Summer Football Fun. Expect high quality beers from Scotland and England, themed areas at the brewery, beer competitions, festival food, brewery tours, and all day entertainment. Full details on their website.

The Caledonian Brewing Company Ltd.
42 Slateford Road
EH11 1PH

Tel: +44 (0)131 337 1286
Email: info@caledonian-brewery.co.uk

Website: http://www.caledonian-brewery.co.uk/news/apr2004/280404b.htm

Entry added 2nd May 2004

MTV Europe - New Show MTV Shakedown
MTV Europe Edinburgh Auditions - New Show MTV Shakedown

Edinburgh MTV dance auditions, were held on 27th of July 2004-Archive news

Attention Dancers!!
Edinburgh, Thursday, 27th of July, The Bongo Club, 1pm - Auditions!-Archive from 2004



MTV are making a brand new dance series called “MTV Shakedown" with Wade Robson. Wade Robson is an internationally acclaimed choreographer and dancer who has worked with the likes of Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake and Michael Jackson. MTV are searching Europe for 30 contestants to come to London to be trained by Wade at the Shakedown Boot Camp in September. The winner of the competition will get the chance to appear in a major music artist’s new video. MTV are holding auditions in Edinburgh next week - Thursday 27th July @ The Bongo Club at 13:00. - Archive news.

Entry Added: 16 July 2004


The Abbotsford
3 Rose Street, EH2 (225 5276)
An attractive old Edinburgh pub with an island bar and long tables.

Assembly Bar
41 Lothian Street, EH1 (220 4288)
The Assembly Bar was the Iguana Café & Bar. This Edinburgh bar has an interior with modern decor of wood and twisted metal. The list of cocktails is long and accompanied by decent pub food, with table service. Regular DJs turn up the heat inside, and there are seats outside in the summer.

The Baillie
2-4 St.Stephen Street, EH (225 4673)
The Bailie is an attractive bar on the west end corner of St.Stephen Street and has always been a well run bar with an interesting and varied clientele which tends to be on the mature side.

All Bar One
29 George Street, EH2 (226 9971 )
An archetypal example of a former bank becoming a trendy Edinburgh pub/wine bar. Operated by a large nation wide bars chain.

All Bar One
50 Lothian Road, EH (221 7951 )
Located within the modern Clydesdale Bank Plaza an archetypal example of a trendy Edinburgh pub/wine bar. Operated by a large nation wide bars chain.

The Antiquary
72-78 St Stephen Street, EH3 (225 2858)
A long basement Edinburgh pub that is split into two sections by the bar - you will love the Edinburgh bars like this.

Bar Aspen
66-67 South Bridge, EH1 (556 0200)
Bar Aspen was formerly Bam Bou and is an Edinburgh corner pub which used to have a vaguely oriental theme.

212 Cowgate, EH1 (556 3254)
Edinburgh pub with a pool table and a big screen. Serves good Edinburgh pub food - Bannermans are famous for their Sunday breakfasts - which is better than most bars.

Bar 38
126-128 George Street, EH2 (220 6180)
Wall sculptures and attractive coloured lighting provide interest for the eye at this popular after-work Edinburgh pub, which is in an area at the West End of George Street among other fashionable Edinburgh bars.

Bar Kohl
54 George IV Bridge, EH1 (225 6936)
This Edinburgh pub offers loud dance music, a regular clientele and a vast range of different flavours and brands of vodka. Worth visiting when you are doing a crawl of the bars in the area.

The Barony Bar
81-83 Broughton Street, EH1 (557 0546)
A small wooden fronted Edinburgh pub with more character than most bars have.

The Basement
10A-12A Broughton Street, EH1 (557 0097)
When Broughton Street first became hip, much of its kudos came courtesy of this Edinburgh pub. The Basement serves good Edinburgh pub food.

Beehive Inn
18-20 Grassmarket, EH1 (225 7171)
Edinburgh pub in the Grassmarket, with beer garden. Serves good Edinburgh pub food. Located in the shadow of Edinburgh Castle in an area full of interesting Edinburgh bars of all types.

30A Chambers Street, EH1 (624 4545)
Downstairs Edinburgh bar and restaurant is located on the site of Edinburgh's old dental hospital - nostalgia for dentists when they are out visiting Edinburgh bars.

8 Leven Street, EH3 (229 5143)
Next door to The Edinburgh King's Theatre, Bennet's is an excellent Edinburgh pub for watching thespians and theatre-goers at play - most bars would be envious of this bar's original historic decorations.

Bert's Bar
29-31 William Street, EH3 (225 5748)
Pub-themed Edinburgh bar with a welcoming atmosphere, old-fashioned decor and good beer.

1A Chambers Street, EH1 (226 7177)
This Edinburgh pub was once a bookshop but has been converted into a bar with huge glass windows affordable view on to the street.

Black Bo's
57-61 Blackfriars Street, EH1 (557 6136)
A mainstay in the life of any self-respecting bohemian, this Edinburgh pub - more often than not - is where it's at.

The Blue Blazer
2 Spittal Street, EH3 (229 5030)
Once inside this two-roomed corner Edinburgh bar, drinkers are well away from the busy Tollcross pubs and can relax with atmospheric lighting, good beer, and a wide range of malts.

Bow Bar
80 West Bow, EH1 (226 7667)
A small Edinburgh pub with brewery mirrors and big windows. It's best known for its wide selection of malt whiskies (large selection than most bars in the area) but the guest ales are well kept too.

Café Royal Circle Bar
19 West Register Street, EH2 (556 1884)
The big island bar dominates this attractive Edinburgh pub where the walls are decorated with 19th-century Royal Doulton tiles featuring famous figures from history. Great food served in the bars neighbouring restaurants next door.

The Cambridge
20 Young Street, EH2 (225 4266)
Popular with office workers, this Edinburgh pub is a friendly place for a drink or lunch.

Caledonian Ale House
1-3 Haymarket Terrace, EH12 (337 1006)
Right next to Haymarket Station, this Edinburgh pub creates a conducive atmosphere with candles on the tables, decent beer on tap and some good wine.

Caley Sample Room
58 Angle Park Terrace, EH11 (337 7204)
Close to the Caledonian Brewery, this Edinburgh pub always has plenty of local beers on offer.

Cameo Bar
38 Home Street, EH3 (228 4141)
This Edinburgh bar is a tiny room in a fine Edinburgh cinema. Drinks can be taken into the film at certain times. Not to be confused with the bars namesake - the Cameo Bar in Leith.

Candy Bar
113-115 George Street, EH2 (225 9179)
Great atmosphere and a good place to visit on a night out at the west end of George Street Edinburgh.

The Canny Man's
237 Morningside Road, EH10 (447 1484)
You'll receive a friendly welcome in this Edinburgh pub. There's everything from antic musical instruments to model ships hanging from the bars ceiling and lining the wall here. Famous among bars for their Edinburgh pub food.

Cask & Barrel
115 Broughton Street, EH1 (556 3132)
A roomy corner Edinburgh pub with a lively, friendly atmosphere, the Cask is popular with beer drinkers and Hibs football fans.

City Café
19 Blair Street, EH1 (220 0125)
This chrome-edged, American diner-like Edinburgh bar, with booths and pool tables at the back, and bar tables at the front, packs in the customers, in an area of Edinburgh full of bars.

Clarks Bar
142 Dundas Street, EH3 (556 1067)
A traditionally male-dominated Edinburgh bar, Clarks is renowned for the quality of its beer. Office workers on their way home nip in for a pint.

26 Brougham Street, EH3 (221 9997)
A comfortable Edinburgh pub with a strong reputation for beer and whisky. The bars whisky gantry was made from wood reclaimed from a disused church. Regulars include staff from the nearby Infirmary (until its move) and students.

Cramond Inn
30 Cramond Glebe Road, EH4 (336 2035)
Tucked away in Cramond, a conservation village on the coast about five miles from the city centre, this Edinburgh pub has plenty of nooks and crannies to get holed up in. Serves Edinburgh pub food.

The Cumberland Bar
1-3 Cumberland Street, EH3 (558 3134)
A row of tall beer founts welcomes drinkers to this elegant wooden Edinburgh pub. There's a very good range of beers and whisky, and a small and quiet beer garden to the side. This bar is known as the haunt of Edinburgh's legal profession.

Cuba Norte
192 Morrison Street, EH3 (221 1430)
This Cuban bar in Edinburgh is popular with groups who come to eat tapas and drink cocktails. Once the bars rum has worked its magic, there's a dance floor downstairs for a spot of salsa. Famous for their Latin-American pub food.

Scottish pub fun
Scottish pub fun

Scottish Pubs

Edinburgh pubs guide
Tel: +44 (0)131 478 0007

Scotland is famous for it's friendly people and you will find lots of friendly Scottish hospitality in the pubs in Scotland. Get your Scottish pub featured here and tell the world about your great Scottish drinks and the famous Scottish welcome that awaits them. Edinburgh has great Scottish pubs.

The Dome
14 George Street, EH2 (624 8624)
Underneath the vaulted cupola of this grandiose former bank building is a large central Edinburgh bar surrounded by carefully placed seating and plants. Frazer's Bar, at the front of the same building, is decorated in luxurious art deco style, with wood-panelled walls. Famous for their good food in their Edinburgh restaurant area. Must be one of the most stylise bars in Edinburgh.

The Doric Tavern
15-16 Market Street, EH1 (225 1084)
This first-floor wine Edinburgh bar has a well-known restaurant. Food served here are snacks such as hummus and pita bread, or cheese and oatcakes help stave off hunger while you work your way through the bars long wine list.

52 West Port Street, EH1 2LD (228 4543)
Great champagne cocktails in a  bar with stylish décor in the famous Grassmarket area of Edinburgh.

197 High Street, EH1 (220 5277)
Albanach is the former EH1 is a modern Edinburgh bar with minimalist neutral decor and wooden twists, EH1 is perched at the top of Cockburn Street. It's a popular eatery in the daytime with tables outside the bars entrance during the summer months, but becomes a proper bar in the evening, with a good selection of wines. Renowned for their coffee and Edinburgh pub food.

26 George IV Bridge, EH1 (622 1818)
This four-floor Edinburgh pub opened in 1999 in a dramatically refurbished former Pentecostal church. The top floors overlook a ground-floor bar where pictures and models of Frankenstein's monster reinforce the Gothic theme, while Frankenstein basement has lots of nooks and crannies for creatures of the night to hide out in.

Golden Rule
28-30 Yeaman Place, EH11 (622 7112)
Divided into a traditional top Edinburgh bar and a more modern downstairs Edinburgh bar, the Golden Rule serves a good range of drinks, from wines and excellent guest ales to Belgian fruit beers and lagers, and the bars popular lunches.

The Capital Building, 13 St Andrew Square, EH2 (557 4522)
This spacious L-shaped Edinburgh bar is organised into different seating areas with comfy couches, bar stools, carpet and armchairs. As the name promises, there's a wide selection of wine available.

Greyfriars Bobby
34 Candlemaker Row, EH1 (225 8328)
Located just behind the statue of its namesake, this Edinburgh pub is a pleasant place, serving cheap student pub meals - great food at lunchtime in Greyfriars Bobbies bar.

Guildford Arms
1-5 West Register Street, EH2 (556 4312)
This Edinburgh pub at the east end of Princes Street serves a wide range of real ales, plus filled rolls during the day and popular lunches.

47-49 Deanhaugh Street, EH4 (343 1735)
This Edinburgh pub has smooth, neutral walls and a long, well-chosen wine list. It's good for cosy chats by candlelight, or for nestling by the bars fire. Restaurant at the bars rear with good food.

The Chanter
30-32 Bread Street, EH3 (221 0575)
This Edinburgh pub continues the tried and tested formula of offering a range of beers and cheap food. This branch is welcoming, with big couches and bright walls-student orientated crowd here.

The Human Be-in
2-8 West Crosscauseway, EH8 (662 8860)
The cube seats and benches at this surprisingly roomy slate-and-wood-effect Edinburgh bar is an ideal hideout for students who are avoiding the library.

Indigo Yard
7 Charlotte Lane, EH2 (220 5603)
Popular with be-suited after-work drinkers and off-duty footballers, this is a striking Edinburgh bar converted from an old courtyard. Famous for their Edinburgh pub food with trendies.

The Jolly Judge
7 James Court, 493 Lawnmarket, EH1 (225 2669)
A real fire and other touches give this small Edinburgh pub the feel of an old tavern. Busy with tourists, locals and MSPs, it's a great place to stop off while trekking down the Royal Mile. Tables in the courtyard in fine weather.

Kays Bar
39 Jamaica Street, EH3 (225 1858)
Hidden away in the back of the New Town, this Edinburgh pub is popular with local businessmen. Snuggle up by the bars real fire in the busy front room to sample some of the regular guest ales, or hide out in the bars cosy back room with a good malt whisky.

Le Monde
16 George Street, EH2
This Edinburgh style concept pub, is situated in a stylish building on Edinburgh's George Street between the Dome and The Edinburgh Hard Rock Cafe.It's an 18 bedroom boutique hotel which has 3 bars and an night club called Tokyo in it's basement.

The Kenilworth
152-154 Rose Street, EH2 (226 1773)
This Edinburgh pub, named after Sir Walter Scott's novel, is a listed building, and has more character than many of its neighbouring bars on Rose Street. It's a traditional place, with wall tiles, high stained-glass windows, a big island bar and a family room at the back.

The Last Drop
74 Grassmarket, EH1 (225 4851)
The name is a reference to this Edinburgh pub's location opposite the former site of the city gallows - you can buy T-shirts to prove it. It's cosy inside, and the bars always busy with students and tourists.

Logie Baird's
Bank Hotel, 1 South Bridge, EH1 (556 9940)
The bar of the Bank Hotel has seats by the bar or in the back room, but the best spots are found above the bar, via the bars spiral staircase. Food, such as croissants etcetera in the mornings.

Malt Shovel Inn
11-15 Cockburn Street, EH1 (225 6843)
Its location, near to Waverley Station, makes this Edinburgh pub is an ideal meeting place between the Old and New Towns. The three interlinked rooms beyond this Edinburgh bar are usually busy with customers enjoying beers, wines and the usual bottled drinks. Food served on tables outside during summer.

Maxie's Bistro & Wine Bar
5b Johnston Terrace, EH1 (226 7770)
Recently moved from its former Southside home, this Edinburgh pub is now tucked away round the corner from the Castle and is more bistro than wine bar, as it is popular for its food. The roof terrace at the back looks down Victoria Street and into the Grassmarket.

McGuffie's Bar
15 Market Street, EH1 (225 5243)
This is a basic and friendly Edinburgh pub downstairs from the Doric, and in fact shares the ladies' loos upstairs. Pies and snacks are available during the day.

Meadow Bar
42-44 Buccleuch Street, EH8 (667 6907)
This Edinburgh pub is in student country but is also popular with other young folk. Metal sculptures on the walls show snakes and cows' heads. There are cheap drinks offers during the day.

49-51 London Street, EH1 (556 9808)
This new Edinburgh bar takes its name from the mezzanine level, and its light, bright interior offers a pleasant alternative to some of the darker imbiberies along this stretch, and is proving justly popular.

35 Hanover Street, EH2 (225 6738)
This big Edinburgh pub on the corner of Hanover and Rose Streets was once the haunt of local writers such as Hugh MacDiarmid. There are several different areas, including a basement with a real fire and Gothic booths. Serves good Edinburgh pub food. The first floor room looks out on to Rose Street.

133 High Street, EH1 (524 0071)
A handy hangout on the tourist trail, this Royal Mile pub has tall windows that are opened in the summer to give a clear view of the High Street. A big screen shows big-match sport.

34-36 Bread Street, Edinburgh EH3 (221 5555)
This modern Edinburgh bar featuring a minimalist interior is  in the Point Hotel attracts after-work and weekend drinkers who settle down in front of the big glass windows to unwind. Monboddo  has a long wine and champagne list

159-161 Bruntsfield Place, EH10 (229 3115)
Montpeliers is popular with a diverse crowd in Bruntsfield and beyond, Edinburgh pub Montpeliers always seems busy. At night it's dark but atmospheric and has a more traditional feel than Rick's and the other modern style bars owned by the Montpeliers Company. Famous for their Edinburgh pub food.

Murrayfield Hotel
18 Corstorphine Road, EH12 (337 1844)
The large bar and beer garden at the Edinburgh Murrayfield Hotel get very busy indeed when there's a rugby international - not surprising considering it's right opposite Edinburgh's Murrayfield Rugby Stadium. On quieter days, families are made welcome and the filling bar food is served all day. A good stopping off place on the way to the Edinburgh Zoo.

45 Lothian Street, EH1 (225 6313)
It's table service only in this late-opening student Edinburgh bar, where Belgian beers and wine are on offer.

Nicol Edward's
29-35 Niddry Street, EH1 (556 8642)
Nicol Edward's is a new Edinburgh pub with a rabbit warren of rooms including three bars, a chill-out area and a very popular entertainment room.

33 Castle Street, EH2 (226 7614)
Look out for the very discreet entrance on Castle Street, and then take the lift to this new third floor Edinburgh bar and restaurant with amazing views over Edinburgh. There are tables by the bar and huge couches at the windows where you can soak up the panorama and the good cocktails.

The Outhouse
12A Broughton Street Lane, EH1 (557 6668)
Drinkers wandering down Broughton Street could easily miss this Edinburgh bar tucked away down a lane. The Outhouse is fairly small, but the punters go back again and again, especially when the popular beer garden is open during the summer months. Good bar food until 6pm.

The Oxford Bar
8 Young Street, EH2 (539 7119)
A small and basic Edinburgh pub that's famous for being the haunt of writer Ian Rankin and his creation Inspector Rebus.

3-5 Infirmary Street, EH1 (557 9997)
This bar used to be called Oxygen and when it opened, this Edinburgh bar's gimmick was selling canisters of pure oxygen along with the usual wine, bottled beers and cocktails.

Peartree House
36 West Nicolson Street, EH8 (667 7533)
The Peartree House Edinburgh pub, has rows of benches in the extensive beer garden. It's very near the main university buildings so there's a strong student presence.

46 Broughton Street, EH1 (557 0234)
The Phoenix is a very popular Edinburgh pub. Late night drinkers - whether locals or students - gather here in droves. The cellar bar is open at weekends.

Pivo Café
2-6 Calton Road, EH8 (557 2925)
Pivo's Czech theme is obvious throughout this Edinburgh pub, from the photos of Prague on the walls, a Czech video on a loop, and of course all that Czech beer behind Pivo bar. This is a popular pre-club venue, with DJs spinning tunes at the weekend. The Pivo bar is open until 3am.


55a Frederick Street, EH2 (622 7800)
Part of Edinburgh's Montpeliers mini-chain, this Rick's bar has got the steel-and-wood look just right, which means it's very popular, especially with footballers and a slightly older crowd. Very good Edinburgh pub food is served by Rick's in stylish surroundings.

Royal Oak
1 Infirmary Street, EH1 (557 2976)
This legendary Edinburgh pub has a ground floor bar, with the basement only open later and at weekends. Entertainment consists of regular folk music sessions plus heated debates from some of the more vocal customers.

Ryan's Bar
2-4 Hope Street, EH2 (226 6669)
This is a busy, noisy 'party' Edinburgh pub - a typical West End establishment, with a dress code of no trainers or jeans at the weekends. Good food served outside when the weather is pleasant.

Sandy Bell's
25 Forrest Road, EH1 (225 2751)
This place is an institution! The violins above this Edinburgh bar give a clue to the importance of music in this well-known and very popular Edinburgh pub. Folk sessions take place within its confines every evening.

Sheep Heid Inn
43-5 The Causeway, EH15 (656 6951)
This famous old Edinburgh pub is all the incentive you need to walk across Arthur's Seat. Situated in a cobbled street in Duddingston Village, it's a cosy place to spend a cold evening, warming yourself with beer. There's a beer garden for finer weather and a skittle alley in case you get bored. Solid Edinburgh pub food.

184-186 Cowgate, EH1 (240 2850)
This is a lively two-storey Edinburgh bar with a Spanish theme and a good location on the former site of the Green Tree. Pop in on your way to a club and you'll find the upstairs DJ getting the drinkers on their feet.

Standing Order
62-66 George Street, EH2 (225 4460)
It's still possible to see the safe from the time when this large Edinburgh building was a bank. These days it's a spacious Wetherspoon's Edinburgh pub with no-smoking rooms, no music and no children.

The Three Sisters
139 Cowgate, EH1 (622 6801)
An absolutely cavernous, dark Edinburgh pub with a beer yard at the front.

The Street
2 Picardy Place, EH1 (556 4272)
A busy pre-club Edinburgh bar. Hang out in the ground-floor bar area where the glass windows look out to Picardy Place or head downstairs to the big basement, where DJs, funky lighting and coloured walls keep the party atmosphere alive.

125 George Street, EH2 (225 5005)
Edinburgh’s winner of The Scottish Hotel Bar Award 2007 . Hang out in the ground-floor bar area where the glass windows look out to George or head upstairs to the hip boutique hotel and book yourself into one of their rooms for a romantic weekend.

Traverse Café Bar
10 Cambridge Street, EH1 (228 5383)
This roomy, dark and extremely popular Edinburgh theatre bar is downstairs from the booking office and next to the theatres. There are always special offers on whisky and bottled beer, and the cheap and delicious bar snacks are available until late six days a week. It's ideal post-theatre, pre-club or just for meeting people whenever.

Wally Dug
32 Northumberland Street, EH3 (556 3271)
Tucked away in a small basement in the heart of the New Town, this Edinburgh pub combines good beer with excellent service.

11-13 North Bank Street, EH1 (225 6193)
The Edinburgh pub at the top of the Mound combines a '70s look with a sophisticated laid-back style and a decent cocktail and wine list.

Whighams Wine Cellars
13 Hope Street, Charlotte Square, EH2 (225 9717)
This Edinburgh pub consists of a series of small wine cellars lit by dozens of candles creates an intimate, cosy atmosphere that's ideal for drinks à deux. Good for quick bar food.

Whistle Binkie's
6 Niddry Street, EH1 (557 5114)
The scene of many Edinburgh late-night drinking sessions, this basement Edinburgh bar offers nightly live music and long opening hours for those 2am emergencies.

The World's End
4 High Street, EH1 (556 3628)
Marking the old boundary of the city of Edinburgh rather than the imminent apocalypse, this stone-walled lively Edinburgh pub is well-placed for weary tourists to rest. It's popular with locals too, who tend to hang about around the bar.

The Filling Station
66 Rose Street, EH2 (220 6040)
American-style bar and restaurant with another branch on the High Street, very popular with tourists.The Filling Station is decked out in typical American style with car registration plates and other related memorabilia.


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